Tips for outdoor wedding make up

Are you getting married outdoors or are you attending a wedding that is outdoors? Then try wearing makeup that would melt easily so that it let can last you for a long time, even while you are eating, drinking and dancing.

Wear a primer 

A primer is a very important part of a makeup because it helps as a base to your face. It will help you to shine and also help creasing and sweating of your makeup as well. You can try out oil free foundations for your face that can act as a primer. You can also try out various eyeliners, lip liners and other products for your face.

Let your face breathe

It is important that you help your face breathe. Do not apply too much makeup so that your skin pores get completely clogged. Avoid thick and oily foundations if it is not necessary. Painting your face will make you look artificial and unnatural and thus, it is important that you apply minimal make up. Just uses some make up brush to put on some light make up and try and match the skin tones with matching foundations.

Do not put too much off blushers 

If it were warm outside, then you would become red and blush. Thus apply less blusher if you are a person who sweats too often. Sweating will help remove all your makeup and make you look odd. If it is morning, then applying a suntan lotion is a must. Also carry a blotting paper, which can be used to remove the extra bit of oil and makeup. It is also important that you apply hair spray to the minimum to set your hair. Use waterproof makeup like eyeliner, lip liner and smudge free makeup like mascara.

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