All seasons can make for beautiful weddings – but before you jump in and pick summer like everyone else does, you should first assess your situation and your personal preferences. How to make sure you choose the right wedding season for your personality and needs? We have some tips of advice for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Do you like it? Naturally, you want to get married in a season you genuinely love, regardless of what that may be. Some people love the sweetness of spring, others love the energy of summer, and others are madly in love with the icy elegance of winter. All seasons are perfectly fine – settle on one that suits your personality!
  • Do you have a generous budget? Keep in mind that spring and summer tend to be more expensive than fall and winter. So, if you want to save some money, try to find an in-between month or set your wedding in an off-season month altogether. You will save a lot of money doing this – and yes, you can still have a totally stunning wedding!
  • Does it suit your “dream wedding” ideal? If you want to have a ballroom wedding, you might find that it’s great for all seasons. But if you want to have an outdoor shabby chic wedding, you will probably conclude that having it during the winter is not even by far a very good idea.
  • Does it suit your bridal attire? Some brides are very particular about the dress they want to wear on their wedding day – and if you are one of them, you should make sure your wedding season doesn’t make it horribly uncomfortable to wear that dress (e.g. a very heavy dress on a beach wedding in August, or a very veil-like one in November).